In the Green Acres School Library we encourage students to become responsible, independent, and frequent library users. We work with students at the readiness through fifth grade levels to help them learn to:

…choose books appropriate to their needs;

...take care of books so they don't get damaged or lost;

...assume responsibility for the items they borrow;

...identify the title, author and/or illustrator of an item;

...distinguish fiction from non-fiction;

...recognize that there are different types of literature such as folktales, poetry, historical fiction, etc.

...identify the different purposes for which people write such as to give direction, to provide information, and to entertain.

The librarian often collaborates with classroom teachers to provide instruction that is supportive of student learning at each grade level. In accordance with NH State Standards, students are expected to have experiences with a variety of media sources. In our library media center, children will participate throughout the year in lessons involving printed materials, videos and internet resources that adhere to curriculum guidelines.

Here are a few websites we suggest for help with homework, help with Smarter Balanced test taking practice, or just plain fun!

Internet Public Library For Kids

Online almanac

Info about books, series & authors