Green Acres Student Handbook

Welcome to the new school year. It is with great pride I send to you this handbook of policies and procedures for Green Acres School. Within these pages you will find important information regarding the general operation of the school and student expectations.

Please take the time to review this material periodically throughout the school year.

For the success of your child’s education please be an active partner in the learning process. The following guidelines will immeasurably help your child’s educational career.

1. Communicate with your child’s teacher

2. Read to your child

3. Have your child read to you

4. Provide a quiet working environment

5. Encourage playtime

6. Be a positive Role Model

Working together we can make a difference. I look forward to working with and getting to know all you throughout the upcoming school year. Please feel free to call or stop by if you have any questions or concerns.

Mike Beaulac



Please click here for the Attendance Policy.


Art instruction is provided on a regularly scheduled basis by a qualified art instructor. Schedules are determined on an annual basis at the beginning of the year.


Basketball and Hockey will be offered if coaching positions are filled. Parents will be notified of such programs as they become available.


Students are not allowed to come to school on a bike, scooter, or skateboard. Traffic conditions around the school at dismissal time are not conducive to these items.


Students will be assigned to classrooms by the professional staff who have worked with them during the previous year, taking into consideration personalities, student strengths and weaknesses. Parent requests for specific classroom assignments will not be accepted, so please do not ask. Final decision rests with the school principal. Classroom assignments for the upcoming year are finalized on the Saturday before school starts. Up to that time we are working with tentative lists and adjust the lists daily, as students transfer in and out, to maintain a balance in each classroom at every grade level. We will not be able to release any assignments until these lists are finalized as stated above.


Approved by the Board of School Committee: June 14, 2010

Please click here for the Student Code of Conduct.


A counselor is available on a regularly scheduled basis. Arrangements can be made for your child to see the counselor by writing a note to the classroom teacher or in cases of emergency, you may call the office and arrangements can usually be made.


Delayed openings will be called by the school district when conditions dictate it. You should listen to local radio and television stations after 6:00 am for these announcements. If called, school will be delayed by 2 hours. Buses will pick up approximately 2 hours after their regularly scheduled time. Students will be admitted to school beginning at 10:30. Instruction will begin at 10:45.

You can also check the Manchester School District website for delayed opening announcements at


STUDENTS WILL BE DISMISSED FROM THE OFFICE ONLY- If it is necessary for your child to be dismissed from school prior to our scheduled dismissal time, they must be signed out in the office before leaving. Students can be dismissed by either parent, guardian, or designated person with written authorization. If you are going to have your child picked up by someone, you must send us a note in the morning informing us who is going to be taking your child.

If there are special circumstances regarding your child’s custody, we must have all legal paperwork on file in our office to be able to comply with court orders. Otherwise the standard dismissal procedure will be used.


Please visit the Manchester School District website for the Student Dress Code Policy.


Emergency dismissal procedure will be used if it becomes necessary to send students home before our scheduled dismissal time. Information will be provided to local radio stations if school cancellation becomes necessary.

Please DO NOT CALL school on snowy days to inquire about early dismissals, instead listen to local radio stations for the announcement or check the Manchester School District website for special dismissal announcements at


Your understanding and cooperation is most appreciated under these circumstances.


During the first week of school your child’s teacher will be sending home an information paper for you to complete. Please return this paper promptly. This information is extremely important for us to keep our files current.

Remember to put the name and phone number of a person that can be reached at all times, if we are unable to contact you. Please notify us of any change in address or phone numbers during the year.


Parents are expected to keep all student health records up to date. The school nurse will monitor health records to ensure that physical examinations and immunizations are completed in compliance with state law. The nurse will send home an emergency information card on the first day of school. Please complete and return it immediately.

Periodically our school nurse will conduct hearing and vision screenings as prescribed by the Manchester Health Department.


Usually most students will have sufficient time to complete their work in school, however if not completed then, they will be expected to finish it for homework. As students move into the upper grades (4 & 5) the time necessary to complete assignments will increase. If your child is spending several hours each night to complete work, it is an unusual circumstance and you should contact the teacher to set up a conference.


Each year, the School Board, through an approved carrier, makes an accident insurance policy available to all students. Forms and information for this program are usually sent home with students within the first two weeks of school.


Internet access is available to students and teachers in elementary classrooms and libraries. The district has filtering software which attempts to block access to inappropriate sites, however, in the elementary schools all student use must be supervised by the classroom teacher, librarian or other certified instructors. Any parent wishing to exclude their child from such supervised use may request so by addressing their request to the school principal.


Green Acres students are scheduled for one library period per week. They are also permitted to use the library at other times as schedules permit. Primary students are allowed one book at a time and intermediate students are allowed two books at a time. Books are due back on the child’s given library day. Children absent from school on their scheduled library day should return their books immediately upon their return to school and select a new book. Loss or damage to a book will result in a charge equivalent to replacement cost being assessed. Money for lost books can be refunded if the books are found and returned within the school year.


A literacy intervention specialist is assigned to Green Acres. The specialist is responsible for monitoring the reading program, administering reading tests and assisting with the implementation of supplemental reading programs and materials.


Throughout the year we maintain a lost and found area in the main hallway. Articles found in the school are collected here on a daily basis. Items left at the end of the year will be turned over to a charitable organization.

Items that are left or lost on the school bus are turned in to the bus garage on Elm Street. They are not returned to the school. You can contact the Manchester Transit Authority at (603)623-8801.


Your child may bring a cold lunch or participate in the hot lunch program provided in the cafeteria. Milk is included in the price for lunch. Students will utilize “debit cards” to pay for hot lunch. The cards will be distributed and collected daily. Parents will be able to pre-pay by cash or check into the child’s account. To activate your child’s account, simply pre-pay the desired amount. Checks should be made payable to “Green Acres Food Services.” Each purchase your child makes will be electronically deducted from your account when the cashier swipes the card. Parents will be notified whenever the account balances falls below $5.00. Prices for hot lunch and milk are set annually by the School Board and this information will be sent to you at the beginning of the year. Monthly hot lunch menus will be sent home and can also be accessed on our school website ( under the Calendars tab.

At the beginning of the school year, forms are sent home to all families regarding our free and reduced hot lunch program. If you qualify, you should complete and return the form immediately if you wish to participate in this program. If you do not qualify now and your financial status should change during the year, assistance is available by contacting the school office for an application.

Currently students are eating in their classrooms. We are following the 2021-2022 return plan.

Students must conform to cafeteria rules or forfeit the privilege of staying in the cafeteria for lunch. In order to maintain a reasonable lunchroom atmosphere, students are expected to:

  1. Remain seated at their table until dismissed.

  2. Sit with their class in the lunchroom.

  3. Refrain from throwing things.

  4. Refrain from vulgar language and actions.

  5. Keep their hands and feet off others.

  6. Running will not be permitted at any time.

  7. Clean the table in the area they have used for eating lunch.

  8. Follow the directions of the teachers on duty.

  9. Refrain from creating unnecessary noise and maintain good table manners.

Students are expected to be quiet during the last five minutes of the lunch period to facilitate the clean - up process and to prepare for dismissal.


The following is the policy of the Manchester School Department and must be followed by all students who are taking medication at school.

1. Any pupil required to take medication during school hours must have a written

order from a physician which specifies the duration of the order, the name of the

drug, dosage, time to be given, and purpose of the medication. This order must

be reviewed every year if it is for long term medication.

2. The nurse must obtain a hold harmless authorization form signed by the parent

guardian requesting the school comply with the physician’s order by assisting

the student in taking needed medication. Forms for this purpose are available

from the school nurse or the main office.

3. To simplify the above (#2), space for the parent/guardian signature is available

on the same form signed by the physician.

4. Medication, supplied for no more than a month at a time, will be brought to the school nurse or designated person by a parent or adult. The medication must be in the most current original container or prescription container, properly labeled with the student name, date of order, name of drug, dosage, and time of administration.

5. The initial dose will be taken under the supervision of the school nurse. In the event the school nurse is not available, then the designated staff member will administer the medication. If there are questions concerning medication administration, the nursing supervisor should be called.

6. The school nurse will instruct the staff person who has been designated to administer medication in her absence in the proper method of administration and documentation. Teachers should be notified by the school nurse of the possible side effects and long-range goals of medication therapy.

7. The recording methods and other specific guidelines for medication administration shall be done in accordance with procedures outlined in the Manchester School Health Procedure Manual. Under certain circumstances, school administration may request that parents administer medication to students in the absence of the school nurse.

8. The recording methods and other specific guidelines for medication administration shall be done in accordance with procedures outlined in the Manchester School Health Procedure Manual.

9. Channels of communication must be provided to keep information available to student, parent, and physician regarding the outcome of the use of the prescribed medication.


Music instruction is provided on a regularly scheduled basis by a qualified music instructor. Schedules are determined on an annual basis at the beginning of the year. Additional music programs (band, strings and chorus) may be available and will be announced in September.


Communication between home and school is an important part of your child’s education. Conferences may be requested at any time during the year by either parent or teacher at a time convenient to all. Contractually mandated Parent/ Teacher Conferences are typically scheduled in October of each year. It is extremely difficult for a teacher to speak in depth about a child’s progress and/or problems during “Open House.” Such occasions afford parents time to greet each other, as well as the teacher, to see evidence of classroom activities to review teaching materials and get the “feel” of their child’s school life.


The Green Acres Parent Teacher Group was formed several years ago to enhance the educational and environmental setting for students at Green Acres. The PTG is guided by a group of officers who meet on a regular basis. They sponsor a variety of activities throughout the year under the leadership of volunteer subcommittees. Some of the fundraising programs that we currently participate in are Campbell’s Soup Labels, Box Tops, Shop and Save, Hannaford, and ink cartridge recycling. Please watch newsletters for details.

You are invited to attend any of their meetings and current schedules can be obtained by calling the school office or checking our website under the Parent Teacher Group tab (click here). Your participation is welcomed and needed.


A few of our students walk to and from school each day and are expected to do so in an orderly manner. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of safety when walking to or from school. Students should always use sidewalks where available and refrain from any activities that would jeopardize their safety and well being.


It is the belief of the Manchester New Hampshire School District that the center of the school curriculum is the child and that the instructional program should be tailored to fit a child development pattern of education. It is further believed that all children should have an equal opportunity to pursue an education that will prepare them for the world ahead.

To meet this end, we will attempt to provide programs that meet the varied interests and learning styles of the pupils of the district. In doing this, we will strive for a balance that recognizes the quality of programs as well as the quantity.


We believe that an elementary school education should provide a solid foundation in reading, writing and mathematics.

We believe that the school should begin early to teach such concepts as cooperation, getting along with others and respecting the values of different groups. This should lead into an understanding of our basic democratic way of life, our form of government, and our responsibilities as individuals in a changing world.

We believe that the creative arts, science and technology should be part of an elementary school curriculum.

We believe that health education is a necessary part of the school curriculum and should include physical fitness training, nutrition information and an awareness of hazards from disease and addictive substances. Such education should encourage intelligent decision making to avoid such hazards.


We believe that whenever practical, the needs of children of varying abilities should be met within the same classroom.

We believe that a school’s methodology should encourage communication and cooperation among students. Furthermore, it should stress problem solving and critical thinking skills, encouraging students to be independent thinkers and learners.

We believe that learning should progress from concrete to abstract, paralleling the stages of child development.

We believe that an orderly but child-centered environment is necessary for effective teaching and learning to take place.

We believe that the way teachers and other adults treat children in the school environment is the greatest determiner of the ethical and moral values that the children draw from that environment.


We believe that a broad cross section of the community should be encouraged to participate in the educational process.

We believe that cooperative decision making should be encouraged at all levels in the educational community.

We believe that diversity should be valued- in student by teachers- in teachers by administrators- in schools by the community.


Physical education is provided to all students on a regularly scheduled basis by a qualified physical education instructor. Students will be notified at the beginning of the year of the scheduled time and are expected to dress appropriately for these classes.


Students are encouraged to use the playground equipment that we have and are expected to follow basic safety rules to avoid accidents. The recess periods are supervised by teachers and staff on a rotating basis. Our playground rules are as follows:

  1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times.

  2. Do not throw snowballs, rocks, etc. at any time.

  3. Do not play Keep Away or any other similar game.

  4. Do not play tackle football.

  5. Use only approved playground, equipment, balls, etc.

Students who fail to follow these rules will need to process with a staff member and may be asked to take a break from the chosen activity for an appropriate amount of time.


Popcorn is sold to students every Wednesday morning. The popcorn program is run and managed by the PTG. Money is collected in each classroom and turned in to the parent volunteers who make the popcorn. The profit from popcorn sales is used to help enhance the overall educational and enrichment programs for our students.


Progress reports and report cards are issued as follows:

A. Progress reports- are issued to all students during the sixth week of the trimester. These reports are a general summation of your child’s progress to date.

B, Report cards- are issued in December, March and June. These reports are the standard reporting system for the school district. Specific dates for release will be sent to you when decided.


The above items are not permitted to be brought to school unless a teacher has requested a student to bring one in for a specific project. They will be taken away and parents may call school to make arrangements to pick them up.


It is the policy of the Manchester School Department that all members of the Department should be able to work and study in an environment that is free of sexual discrimination and sexual harassment. Any student having a complaint of sexual harassment should notify either the principal, assistant principal or counselor.


A team of specialists meet on a regular basis to review referrals from classroom teachers and parents on students who are experiencing severe academic difficulties. If at any time you feel that your child might qualify for such an evaluation, please consult with your child’s teacher.


A certified speech therapist is assigned to Green Acres on a regular basis to service the needs of our students.


Our Spirit Shop provides an opportunity for students to purchase school items, such as pencils, notebooks, folders, shirts, etc. The shop, sponsored by the Parent Teacher Group is open every Friday from 8:00-8:30am.


The district transportation policy can be found here on the district website.


All visitors and parents must report to the school office and sign in upon entering the building during school hours. Building visitor identification passes will be issued if necessary. We do not allow visiting friends, relatives, etc. to attend classes at Green Acres without a prior written request to your child’s teacher stating the reason for the visitation. These requests must be submitted at least five days prior to the visitation date. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis.


The school calendar can be accessed on the school and district website Please keep this calendar handy for reference during the year.